Fire Alarm Training For Business Contractors


For Electrical, Fire, Security Companies and more



Train your employees in Fire Alarm Equipment in an efficient way, and use our online on-demand video course. We offer unlimited on-demand access for a particular employee. Multibuy discounts and bank payments are also available. Your employees can learn at their own convenience and go over lessons as many times as they need.


For whom is this course?


For ENGINEERS, TECHNICIANS, and ELECTRICIANS. In short for people with some technical knowledge in a similar field. It will be perfect, especially for electricians and security industry engineers.

It may also be suitable for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS & APPRENTICES, assuming they have some knowledge of electrical circuits.


What is the goal of this course?


To give a person enough knowledge to do all typical operations (specified further on this page) on listed below fire alarm panels – so they can have a kick start and hit the ground running. No fluff, no waste of time. This should be enough to service, maintain, and even do commissioning. We do not aim to provide all the information (for this there is a producer product training), but we aim to provide essential information on common fire panels so a person can get up to speed.


What we do not teach in this course?


We do not teach fire regulations (BS. 5839), system design or installation in general:

how to run cables, where to place devices and how many, or how to comply with BS 5839 regulations. We do not provide individual consultations (person to person) or technical support.


What do we teach?


We focus on connecting and programming of fire panels and particular devices.

We cover conventional (C-TEC), addressable (MORLEY, ADVANCED), air sampling (VESDA, WAGNER, MICRA-STRATOS), suppression (KENTEC), and water leak detection systems (HYDROSENSE).


We have lessons on (LIVE recording of equipment):


  • wiring fire alarm sounders, bells, and beacons,

  • addressable and conventional fire alarm devices wiring,

  • setup and operation of a conventional fire alarm panel,

  • setup, operation, and programming of addressable fire alarm panels,

  • addressing of Apollo devices,

  • loop programming (auto-learn),

  • programming devices and zone texts,

  • programming outputs and inputs,

  • adding devices to the loop in an addressable fire alarm,

  • replacing loop devices in an addressable fire alarm,

  • programming a basic cause and effect,

  • using a computer to program a fire panel,

  • programming a network connection between fire panels,

  • testing devices,

  • troubleshooting of typical faults in addressable fire panels,



  • Vesda E (new model) overview,

  • programming of Vesda with the software: airflow, sensitivity, relay mapping

  • connecting Vesda outputs,

  • replacing a filter,

  • testing of air sampling units,


  • Wagner overview,

  • programming Wagner head with dip switches,

  • connecting Wagner outputs,


  • Micra-Stratos overview,

  • programming Micra with the software: sensitivity, airflow setting

  • replacing a filter



  • general operation of a suppression system,

  • operation of a suppression fire panel,

  • outputs and inputs of a suppression fire panel



  • general operation of a water leak detection system,

  • operation of a leak detection fire panel,

  • outputs and inputs of a leak detection,

  • wiring of leak detection detectors,

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12 hours, 56 modules, 7 must-know fire panels in the UK

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